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Hi, my name is Ivan.

A few nights ago I had an amazing discovery which I want to share with you right now.

While surfing online, I have bumped into something called CuriosityStream.

Pretty soon I was able to see that this particular streaming service is one of the best things I was able to find on the internet in the last few years.

You see, I believe that we are driven by this strange curiosity ever since the first man has appeared.

This strong desire which can occupy a human mind and heart can take men and women on a path of great discoveries which can change the course of the humankind forever.

Usually, it does.

When I saw the motto of the company behind this streaming service, I was “bought” straight away.

They say,

“We believe curiosity is the driving force that fuels our passion for learning, creating, understanding and exploring!”

In my case, CuriosityStream and I, are the match made in heaven.

If you think the same, start your journey by clicking over here.

The first seven days are free of charge.



CuriosityStream is an exciting online platform for watching award-winning documentary movies in HD and UHD.

You can watch the stream from all of your devices, such as a mobile, tablet, computer, and TV.

Moreover, you can take the shows with you wherever you go as long you can connect to a Wi-Fi.

Their library contains something for every taste covered with over 20 000 documentary titles!

No matter what is your preference in documentaries, you can find exciting shows about science, history, nature, technology, and much more!

My self, I am a fan of history, but I can go for everything, especially on CuriosityStream.

However, you can find some more juicy details later on in this Review.

Here are a few words about the brain behind the idea.

The founder is a guy who has started Discover Channel, Mr. John Hendricks.

Now, he has another vision.

His vision is to bring all the best documentary material in the world closer to everyone on Earth who possess this mysterious curiosity from within.

I want to keep this very review objective, but I must say that I am very excited about finding this incredible platform.

Keep reading my CuriosityStream Review to get all your details!



First of all, once you land on the website, you are offered to start with amazing sixteen free episodes to get a taste of CuriosityStream.

That is more than enough to get started.

As I have mentioned, you can watch CuriosityStream from all your mobile device, both iPhone and Android, computer and TV.

You can watch it on Smart TV’s such as:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Visio

Moreover, you can watch from all major digital media player services such as:

  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • Amazon FireTv
  • chromecast

As well as over your gaming console, XBOX ONE!

Therefore, you can watch it from everywhere literally.

I highly recommend starting with ‘Rise of Civilization – Bronze Age’ movie.

I was fascinated to find out that among other things that have made this age famous, such as the discovery of the metal in the title, the writing was the best one.

You see, I am a writer and to hear that writing was one of the highest occupations or careers in those times was a fantastic discovery for me.

Back in those time, those who were able to write have started the first known human-made documentation of the times in the intelligently organized form.

They have established the occupation which has evolved into what this platform offers.

Documented history of a human kind.



Now, let’s quickly say how much does it cost to access the full database at CuriosityStream.

As mentioned already, once you purchase the full license, you can access over 20 000 documentaries.

The company offers two sets of options.

The first offer, Standard, brings you all films in HD quality, while the second one, Premium, lets you have them in UHD.

I highly recommend having the UHD option because you will want to see those shows in the highest possible audio and video quality.

You will be blown away by the quality of the work people have put in those movies.

It is worth every penny.

Furthermore, you can choose between two billing cycles, monthly or yearly.

Again, I would recommend a yearly plan because all in all, it is not an expensive service.

To sum up, here is the deal:

Monthy/Standard $2,99                Yearly/Standard $19,99

Monthy/Premium $9,99                Yearly/Premium $69,99

During the sign-up, you are required to provide the details about your self, your email address, and the number of your credit or VISA card.

The payment is secured, and the company is highly trusted so there is no reason to worry about the fraud or any leak of your information.



Oh yes, there is, of course!

Every service should come with a free trial option and so does this one.

As I have mentioned already, you can browse between 18 FREE CuriosityStream episodes to have a taste.

Furthermore, once you decide to sign up with this service, you will be able to check the full database free of charge for the next seven days.

Once your free trial ends, you will be charged for the plan you have chosen directly on your credit or VISA card.

All in all, I think that this is more than enough to see is CuriosityStream something you want to have access to or not.

I know that I have made my decision.



I include this one as well even though I think it is sufficient.

However, some people might find some other streaming service to be a better option.

It is an open field, and of course, sometimes we switch from one to another, like with cars or mobile phones.

If you don’t find CuriostiyStream to be your kind of the deal in those first seven days, just visit Your Account option on the top right corner and cancel your free trial before you get charged for it.

Also, if you are already in a billing period, you can always do the same and cancel your subscription anytime.

They will not offer a refund or a partial billing option.

Therefore, if you wish to cancel the subscription better is to wait until the end of the billing period and then cancel it.

As with every other kind of service subscriptions, they will charge you automatically at the end of every billing period.

Ok, let’s move on from boring stuff to something more interesting.





Ok now, let’s hit the most excellent and most exciting part of this CuriosityStream Review.

This streaming service is bringing you directly on the palm of your hand all the best documentary shows ever recorded!

If you want to know a little bit more about who was the ‘First Man,’ you will be carried away on a journey deep in your imagination.

The first movie I saw was, you guess, the ‘First Man.’

One of the greatest mysteries about our origins has been solved.

Told fascinatingly, the story about the evolution of the human species from his ancestors to a kind of he is today, is Earth-shattering.

Everything we were able to collect, analyze and document about our existence is being told in a dramatic way that will keep you glued to your screen.

Now, this is something you should really watch!

I am amazed by the work of apparently some of the most brilliant minds of today.

I am thirty years old, and since I have been born I have not seen a movie like this one…that all.

However, that was just a small taste of what was coming to my way.

CuriosityStream has over 20 000 documentaries in their video database.

They are neatly lined up in several categories.

  • Science
  • History
  • Nature
  • Technology
  • Society
  • Lifestyle
  • 360

Let’s dig into some of the best titles from each category.

Oh, one more thing, each of the categories has at least eight sub-categories!

The whole service is brilliant.



If you think that you are the scientific type or an explorer than this one is for you.

Under this category, you can find everything about science there is to know.

Physics, Space, Mind Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Evolution, Geology, or Psychology can be your picks.

It gives me goosebumps just to see all this information.



On the other hand, are you maybe a history type of documentary fan?

All pretty lined up in eight sub-categories that it makes this one irresistible.

Prehistory, Ancient, Medival, and Modern followed by, Aviation, Biographies, Megastructure, and Military.

Think about this category as a complete map of our evolution as far as we know.



Everyone today is interested in technology because it is an epic era in which we live.

You and I, my friend, are a part of another significant shift in our evolution such it was an agricultural revolution or the industrial one.

Energy, Engineering, Transportation, Communication, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy & Security, and the last but not least, Social Web!

This one is a voyage which starts from the time we have harnessed the energy in the form of electricity until turning it to medium for an instant global communication called, Social Web.

Huh, I am a little bit carried away by this one honestly.



I am a huge nature fan for many many reasons.

How about you?

Do you like to relax on your couch with some good old documentary about lions or whales?

Earth, Animals, Birds, Insects, Natural Habitats, Prehistoric Creatures, Ocean, Plants, what do you prefer the most?

I will always go for Prehistoric Creatures because it blows up my imagination to think about those monsters that have once lived on our Earth.



This one is for all who have a highly developed analytical mind.

If you like to dig deep into some of the worlds top political or business questions, then this one might be your favorite.

Entreprenuership, Social Issues, Politics, Crime & Forenzics, Economic, Business & Comerce, Democracy, and Current events are all available to you to analyze.

I must say that I am drawn to Democracy the most.



For those who pull more on the creative side of our brain, this category will soon become a top one.

Lifestyle is essential, and I believe that there is a lot to learn here.

Food, Collecting, Performing Arts, Creativity, Home Projects, Philosophy, Health & Wellness, and the final one is my favorite, Travel.

Are you a curious traveler as well?

If you are, then you have found a great source of fun for all of your future travels.


360!!! (GOLD GUYS!)

What do you feel when you think about a 360 virtual reality trip to an ancient Egipt’s most sacred Toombs, and sanctuaries?

Does it give you a fantastic feeling of excitement and joy?

To be able to take a walk through the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the Great Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II, can be bought with money.

Or to see King Tut’s Tomb from all possible angels is a once in a lifetime journey.

Oh, I am so excited right now about this one!

You see, I was always fascinated by the Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and all of the first and magnificent civilizations that have established the way for us.

Incredible category, great idea CuriosityStream Team.



Hell yeah!

Sorry, of course, you can bookmark your favorites.

As soon as you finish watching, and you find that you have to rewatch the episode again in the future, you can store the file in your library.

A brilliant option for those who are serious about learning by using this streaming service.

Moreover, not only that you can organize your material, but you can also view the whole history of previously seen titles.

If however, you find yourself in a rush, and you can’t finish the selected film, CuriosityStream will freeze it for you.

This way you can tune in whenever the desire to continue with watching.



Here a few more details about this streaming service before we conclude this review.

They are all very simple to use and very useful.


My Account

By clicking here, you can have access to all your information such as your plan details, payment information, account information, and a few more.

These three are the most important to manage your account anytime from anywhere.

Since I care about my online security, I am happy to see all my information easily accessible to me.


Help Center

If you ever experience any issues, you have instant access to a help center via Zendesk quick help service hosted on CuriosityStream.

Additionally, you can browse through some of the most frequently asked questions about this streaming service.

Everything you need regarding help is nicely presented and organized in this section.


Gift Cards!!!

You are excited by CuriosityStream, and you know someone who shares the same passion?

You can buy him or her a perfect gift here on CuriosityStream.

This feature is amazing if you ask me.

It allows you to purchase one of the two subscription options, Standard or Premium, and send it as a gift to a friend, colleague, relative, or family member.

You can even choose a specific date of delivery.

For example, to be delivered at someone’s birthday or some other anniversary.




I believe that we are at the end of my CuriosityStream Review.

I hope you have enjoyed my work.

Also, I sincerely hope that I was able to deliver you with good service.

We, humans, owe everything we have ever accomplished to two supernatural forces that are a part of every human.

One is inborn desire to explore and be curious all the time.

The second one is faith in unseen which enabled us to discover all of our significant accomplishments.

As a huge fan of education in every conceivable form, I have to say that I have found this streaming service as something which has the potential to reach and educate many minds across the globe.

I must also add that I am one of those minds who are always looking for more knowledge.

CuriosityStream is not only a documentary streaming service but something beyond the words if you ask me.

I want to recommend it to everyone who will ever read this review.

If you are always thirsty for more knowledge, you have just found your ‘holy grail’.

All the Best,


Founder and Owner of