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Bengal Tiger and Woman


I remember my older brother and me having a set of plastic animal toys when we were kids.

There was a giraffe, lion, of course, there was a rhino, elephant, and more.

However, the one that was my favorite, in my eyes the most powerful animal of them all, was the figure of TIGER.

A bright orange colored animal with dominant black stripes across his body looking like an alien between those others who were plain boring and nothing like the tiger from my perspective.

In the meantime, I have grown up, and I like all animals the same.

However, the great big striped cat is, still, the king animal in my eyes.

Yeah, of course, you will say the lion is the one.

I give him savannahs alright.

The jungle, well, the forest is tigers territory.

The jungle is a place where only the strongest can survive, and we know who is the king there.

This documentary movie follows the story of the one remarkable specimens of the species.

Broken Tail was a unique tiger.

You see, there is a man who shares my love for these animals.

This guy made a decision and went on a mission to save the tigers from extinction.

It makes me feel bad the see what our kind has done to Broken Tails.

Such a remarkable animal is killed so that people who did it can take a few photoshoots with a dead body.

The author of the movie is a person in who I believe that he will restore the population of tigers and I am sure that he will play a significant role in repopulating the Earth with these unique animals.

All the best to him.

You see, he was filming and watching Broken Tail life since he was a cub.

When he described Broken Tail’s character, I could see myself immediately.

Probably because of my admiration from childhood.

Broken Tail was, like me, always hungry for adventure.

He was mischief and a rascal.

Always the one who was in the most trouble and got the most attention because of it.

It was not hard for me to see myself haha.

Anyway, one day, Brokentail has decided to go for another adventure.

He was, once again, curious about something.

I don’t know about you, but when I feel that instinct which we call curiosity, I have no other option but to follow it.

It got me on so many great life adventures that it would be too long to fit it in here.

However, if you keep reading this blog, you might find a story or two, somewhere between the lines.

Broken Tail’s curiosity was no ordinary as well.

When he felt it once again he couldn’t know what is waiting for him on another one of his journeys.

He couldn’t know what kind of people he will meet, and how many great moments he will memorize.

That is was why he stayed curious all the time.

Adventure is something special, you see.

Tigers are like that.

They are nomadic animals, they like to move all the time.

Many of us share the same character with these monumental animals.

I believe that there is a Broken Tail in you as well.

As I have said, Broken Tail’s journey was not ordinary this time – this time he has ‘smelled’ something much higher than before.

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Since I have subscribed myself, I can’t get enough of documentaries.

I have always liked a good documentary movie.

However, CuriosityStream is something special.

If you want to read more about this streaming service, I invite you to read my full review.

Whatever you do, never stop feeding your curiosity.

There is something in it.

There is life inside.

All the best,



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