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Two nights ago, my mind was blown away after watching the CuriosityStream documentary movie, ‘First Man.’

I had to write this post straight away and share my experience with you.

You see, I was looking at some videos on YouTube.

While waiting for one of the videos to start, an advertisement popped out, of course.

Are you too annoyed with those commercials as well?

Well, don’t be because they are running some great stuff!

The advertisement that started before my video was the one which had probably got you wondering what is CuriosityStream like it got me.

I was intrigued immediately.

So, I clicked the link and was redirected to their official website where I have started my 7-day free trial.

I have to say that I have found a source of entertainment for at least one year!

The move, “First Man,” is fascinating!





I can’t remember when was the last time I have watched something so intriguing, thought-provoking, and exciting as this film.

The show is, of course, scientific theory and not the proof for anything.

However, I must say that it has sparked a beautiful fire in my mind after seeing it for the first time.

I have bookmarked it straight away because, in my mind, it is the movie which has to be watched over and over again for at least three times.

Give it a shot and share your thoughts with me here, will you?

I really want to disclose the move right now, but I shouldn’t be depriving you of the pleasure to be blown away without me ruining the experience for you.

I think that is a fair play.

However, here is a little sneak peek, click here.

“First Man” got me wondering what else this streaming service powered by Sprint can offer so I clicked around the platform to check it out.

By the way, the platform is straightforward and very easy to use.



After I have spent some fifteen minutes with my jaws all the way to the floor, I have convinced my self that I have landed on something unusual.

You see, I am a lover of documentary movies for a long time.

I believe that this kind of affection starts to grow when you see some documentary about lions in African savannahs while you are still a kid.

I can’t remember vividly, but I  believe that it was the case with me.

To see those lions and all other animals living so freely under the laws of nature was always a fascinating picture in my mind.

To watch a movie about the depts of the oceans is impressive.

To see all those creatures that rule the underwater world is something that I would watch over World Championship Finals in any sport.

All I know, that I am always attracted to natural beauties.

I have found a great source of admiration in those types of shows.

Whenever I have felt a need to check out a show or two I was turning to Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and History as sources of entertainment.

However, things are now changing because I have landed on CurioustiyStream!

Now, back to the review.





After the already mentioned movie, I have pulled up my jaw back where it belonged and started to click around.

The next things that I had a curiosity to watch was a show about how our planet was evolving to a state in which we live today.

It was actually the Tyrannosaurus Rex image on the suggestion box that has drawn my attention and not the title of the movie.

I mean, who wouldn’t click on it after all those Hollywood movies about this prehistoric giant lizard, tell me?

The episode is called “Ancient Earth.”

It is about various scientific theories on how our planet has been moving and shaping for the last 250 000 000+ years ago.

It shows the evolution of animal species and their survival after each catastrophic event that caused mass extinctions of life on our planet.

By the way, the scientists say that we had five of those catastrophic events during the existence of our planet.

All of them had caused some massive changes, from the structure of the whole planet as a mass to change in the animal kingdom that has lived on the surface or under it.

The information, the narration, and the screenplay were mesmerizing.

I shouldn’t be using the word mesmerizing in the same sentence with the T-Rex but what the hell, it fits because the movie was exactly that.

After it finished, the CuriosityStream platform shows you a couple of more video from the same category that you might like to watch next.

That was what I did exactly, I went for more because I was mesmerized.



While I was in the mood for some more theories about dinosaurs, one named “The Rise and Fall of T-Rex” was poking my eye again and I had to click on it next.

This one was fifteen minutes show about this giant who walked the Earth some 65 000 000 years ago.

It is funny to see how we have created a celebrity icon of an animal which has lived a long time ago.

We all know the movies “Jurassic Park” and “Godzilla.”

Those movies have brought T-Rex to another throne.

He is officially the king animal of Hollywood.

Now, the theory about the T-Rex is brought to a question about the end of this show which got me a little bit disappointed.

Not about the CuriosityStream, of course.

The scientists in the movie have this theory that feathered animals such as chickens are descendants of this notorious predator from Jurassic era.

It is a kind of disappointing experience to see it what he has evolved, or in this case de-evolved.

Tiny chicken compared to a might T-Rex, no way!

The guys in the white coats are pretty sure that T-Rex was actually covered in feathers, at least partially, which can be proved by some of the latest findings of this animal according to these guys.

However, I choose not to believe in their theory.

T-Rex is a mighty dinosaur in my mind, and he will stay like that haha!



I am always fascinated by documentaries about those ancient theories, how about you?

You see, in my case, they have the power to shift my imagination to top gear.

It always makes me wonder is it all the truth or just a bunch of jibber jabber by a bunch of people who are bored with life.

The answers are always fascinating.

A lot of those theories can be proved because our planet has recorded everything that has been happening since the Big Bang.

Every change is documented in our planets individual files.

What are those files, do you know maybe?

I have expanded my knowledge about this in just one sitting so I know the answer.

You see, the ground itself, mountains, rivers, valleys, and seas were not always like that, they were moving and changing from time to time.

Sometimes a valley becomes the sea, and sometimes a magnificent mountain top rises from the sea.

It all happens very slowly, during the courses of tens of thousands of years.

Our planet is a large mass of matter and energy which is forever flowing through time and space causing shifts of power to matter and another way around.

However, our mother Earth has a record of every change buried in her crust.

I don’t know about you, but my imagination sparks up when I see a documentary movies such as I have discovered on the CuriosityStream platform.

Sometimes, it even keeps me awake while I should be sleeping tight as the rest of the normal world.

It makes me wonder how was like back then.

Pretty cool thing to do when you have to sleep.

Then the morning after, I feel like I was on a damn good party haha!



Another great thing about CuriosityStream is that you can check it out for free and cancel if you don’t like it.

In seven days, you can watch tons of movies, from numerous different categories such as:

  • Science
  • History
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Society
  • Lifestyle

Each of these categories has separate sub-categories which I found to be brilliant.

For example, the history category is organized in:

  • Prehistory
  • Ancient
  • Medival
  • Modern
  • Aviation
  • Biographies
  • Megastructures
  • Military

Now, multiply that by five, and you have roughly forty different categories of documentary movies to see!

There is something for everyone’s taste, if you are a fan of documentaries, of course.

At the end of my CuriosityStream Review, all I have to say is that I highly recommend this platform to everyone.

Read a full CuriostiyStream review over here.

Or join straight away over here.

If you are the type who enjoys relaxing while being fed with some fascinating information about our world from all possible angles, this is for you!

We all have that curiosity within us.

It has to be feed.

CuriosityStream is like a refrigerator full of tasty food, ready to be consumed whenever you want.

Enjoy exploring your curiosity.

Bon appetit!

All the Best,



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