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It is an epic movie you will want to watch all over again and again, trust me.

It has been a long time since I have an enlightening experienced such I had with this movie.

‘First Man’ is a masterpiece documentary (if I can call it like that) from the CuriosityStream workshop.

These guys have taken documentaries on a whole new level!

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I mean, the ‘Fist Man’ is more than documentary; it is a dramatic, exciting, and most thought-provoking story about the history of humankind you will ever see.

When I say humankind, I want to say that it refers to a thinking-kind.

You see, we have a history on this planet which can be traced back a million years ago.

We know for a fact that we have evolved from more primitive species on Earth.

Some of those species are still existing, and some are extinct.


First Man 1


However, one must ask himself.

When did appear the first man who could THINK?

How did we gain this tremendous ability over all other animals on Earth?

It is a couple of great mind-boggling questions.

Now, think about this.

During our evolution, we have made a couple of significant steps forward that has brought us to the state in which we live now.

For example, we had an industrial revolution which has forever changed the face of the Earth and revolutionized the way of life.

The idea of industry didn’t appear out of thin air.

Someone must have originated it right?

Before that, we had an agricultural revolution when people had started to grow their food and settle the Earth rather than traveling as nomads.

Someone must have been the first person who thought of it as well.

Now, it is the fact that every one of those revolutions had its roots in a single idea originated in the brain of a single man; no doubt whatsoever.

Everything we have done to move us forward was at first, nothing but a thought in someone’s mind, an idea wanting to be expressed.

Now, the question is again the same.

Who was the first man who had this ability?

Who was the ‘special one’ who could imagine and create something from nothing?


First Man


To answer that question all we have to do is connect the dots by looking back as I did in a short example with those two revolutions.

You see, the evolution of anything can be explained by reversed engineering always!

To do it, we must analyze the events that brought the change.

This way we can trace the change all the way to an initial idea.

Then, we can see how one single idea had caused an avalanche of the same kind.

You see, we are born with knowledge, all we have to do is understand.

I have watched this movie with a few breaks because I had to stop the film to get my mind together from wandering over my imagination like a kid in a candy shop.

The whole story is told fascinatingly, coupled with a lot of evidence and scientific research, which gives it the authority to claim what it claims.

It follows the known storyline that we have evolved from apes.

It claims the facts over which scientists are arguing for a long time.

Our family tree has its roots in some of the first primates who have walked the Earth.

I believe in this because I am aware that Earth is ever evolving, so were our ancestors and so are we.

This movie follows the story which goes back 25 000 000 years ago!

Back to the times when the first unusual group of apes appeared on the planet Earth.


First Man


These apes had some unique abilities.

They were extremely well adapted to life on trees.

They could hand, jump, and even walk on two feet over tree branches, like an acrobat over the line.

That way they could jump around and look for delicious food that grows closer to the Sun.

This gang of unique apes had an idea possibly while enjoying the sweet fruit in the comfort of the tall tree branches.

They have thought of something which has made us the humans we are today.

They have a right to claim this revolutionary invention which we all use.

Every single head on this Earth still uses this invention on a daily basis!

I have to reframe the last part; it is used mostly on a nightly basis.

Think about it, it is a 25 000 000 years old invention, and you still have it in your home.

It has caused possibly the first revolution of the human race.

What is it?

What could it be?

Let’s get back to our story to reveal the answer.

You see, the scientists have an idea that these first primates have developed a new way of sleeping which was much more comfortable compared to other animals at those time.

While most of the animals were sleeping ‘with one eye open’ in fear to be eaten by a larger predator, our ancestors had invented something which was more than brilliant.

I guess that they were probably tired of falling off the top of the tree, so they were making beds on branches!

Using their imagination, they have managed to do the same thing they saw birds are doing.


First Man


They have emulated the knowledge about making the nest up in the branches by looking at birds doing the same.

The idea probably came in the mind of one individual while raiding the bird’s nests for delicious eggs.

You see, comfortable sleep, without worrying about falling, or being eaten by the big cat has improved our cognitive function way above the scale of normal for those times.

When we eliminate worry from our mind, something else must take its place.

In this case, a long and peaceful sleep became a possibility.

Even today, there is a vast difference in performance between a well-rested brain and worn and tired one.

The well-rested brain wins in all categories.

These primates had the ability to make cozy beds.


Later on, I can imagine how they were slacking off in their creation, probably THINKING about how much bananas has left on the tree above them.

What a great way to spend time 🙂 and to improve your cognitive abilities.

Day by day, year by year, century by century, millennia after millennia these primates have been slowly developing other skill all thanks to the commodity of the good night sleep.

Soon enough they were able to emulate much more skills and techniques from their environment.

The same way they have learned how to make the bed, they have learned many other revolutionary skills.

The fire was another great revolution which has brought us closer together.

However, that story you will have to see by yourself.

If we can ask who was the first man who could think, or in other words, to use this unique ability to create?

We can, also, ask who was the first man who could read emotions?

Who was the first one to love?

Who could speak and understand words?

How did we developed communication the way we know it today?

These and more are answered in the movie the ‘First Man.’

Before you go off to watch this blockbuster, I want to ask you to erase any skepticism about this topic.

Let the movie hit you and enjoy the journey 25 million years in the past.

All the Best,



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