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Here is a good question for you.

What would you feed your mind with, if you know that it is a fact that our life is controlled and directed by things with which we allow to enter our subconscious mind through our environment?

Would you watch tv shows with little or no value?

Or you would like to know more about yourself, our planet, and the rest of the life on this beautiful Earth?

I like a good TV show, of course.

However, I have to say that the last one I have watched with respect to a story was, ‘Vikings’ on History Channel.

And, only because the whole story behind the show is based on historical facts about the great conquering nation from the north of Europe.

Everything else I see on TV, I find to be mind-numbing, and pretty much a waste of my time.

TV shows and movies have entered a strange era.

Everything is just a copy of the previous one.

How many superhero movies have been released in the last decade?

One hundred? Two hundred?

No real-life value is added to those shows and films.

However, honors to exceptions.

Now, a week ago I have discovered a brand new streaming service which has made me fall in love all over again in the idea of sitting in front of the screen.

I like it when I leave the show with the impression of value which makes me watch it again and again.

It shows that the quality of the message behind the movie was high.

This particular streaming service is a brilliant idea in my mind.

The idea behind CuriosityStream is to bring all the best documentaries directly on the palm of your hand.

Pretty much the same as Netflix, but with much more value.

CuriosutyStream offers something which can’t be found anywhere else in the world of streaming.

If you are a fan of documentary movies, then you have found something special.

After I have spent a week analyzing and watching what this streaming service has to offer, I must say the following.

CuriosityStream is a gift from God to all of us fans of a good documentary show.

I have watched at least ten shows on Curiosity in the last seven or more days.

Out of those, at least six has enriched my life with some fantastic knowledge which is worthy of feeding to my mind all over again

From the top of my head, they are:

  • First Man
  • Ancient Earth
  • Rebuilding Ancient Rome
  • Southern Africa
  • The Rise and Fall of T-Rex
  • Kings of Baja

After watching those documentaries, I am more than sure that everyone who has respect to their mind will choose CuriosityStream over Netflix.

Those six are grade A films.

Each one of them has a strong message about life on Earth.

We are a part of this vast organism on which we live.

Why not get to know it a little bit more?

For more information about CuriosityStream, read my full review of the service.

Or join straight from here!

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