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Imagine yourself sitting on the bus or train.

Every day you travel to work for at least one hour sitting in one of those two mentioned vehicles.

Now, every morning is the same scene.

You look up from your phone, and you see that at least 90% of the train is staring at the screen of their phones or tablets.

The fact is that at least half of them are feeding their minds early in the morning with numbing content.

Maybe half of the rest are reading some book or watching something educational and enriching for their minds.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like public transportation.

Not because they are crowded or it stinks in there, but because it goes when it wants and not when I start up the engine. 🙂

I am a sort of a control maniac, at least when it comes to transport.

However, let’s stick to the story and keep our mind on the image.

I think that one of the best actions these people could be doing besides reading would be watching documentaries.

You see, some of the documentaries are just fifteen minutes long.

Yup! You have heard right.

They are just enough to kill some time while waiting for someone or something.

Even though the movie can be just fifteen or twenty minutes long, it can be packed with compelling content.

Just the other day I have watched a one about a Roman civilization on CuriosityStream.

Fifteen minutes of precious travel in the past, I have to say.

Did you know that the ancient Romans have invented modern household heating, or the radiator as we know it today?

They had made a system design and up and running which was used to heat ancient baths where people came to relax.

Many years fast forward, and the same system is being used in half of the civilized world, just on a smaller scale.

That one was full of super information, in just fifteen minutes.

Much better than continuous scroll through Facebook feeds, news or whatever.

You know what, I think that I have found entertainment every time I am waiting for something.

I am there; I have nothing to do, I pop out CuriosityStream and relax.

Moreover, I am not going to use this service only while I have to kill a couple of minutes.

It is perfectly designed to kick back and relax at home with some hour-long show about the sharks, or some big cats from the African savannah.

If you are like me, you like documentaries.

Some people find them to be boring, and I don’t blame them.

I have watched some even on CuriosityStream, and I had to shut them down after the first ten minutes.

You see, there is a particular method for watching movies on CouriosityStream if you want to catch a good one quickly.

This is what you have to do to catch a good one.

First relax completely.

Then open CuriosityStream on your device.

Go and pick a category you like, for example, about nature in general.

Then, start opening subcategories one by one quickly scanning images and titles.

As soon as one catches your attention more than all others, react quickly and start watching.

CuriosityStream Screen

I see two in the upper image that attracts my curiosity.

How about you?

You see, you can tell by the first five minutes is it the one for you or not.

If you are not a match made in heaven, just go back and continue to look.

CuriosityStream offers over 20 000 titles to choose from.

It would take you years to go through all of them.

Half of them you wouldn’t even like.

Therefore, listen to my advice to save yourself some time and catch a good one.

The whole package offered by these guys is off the charts.

Imagine, you have 20 000+ titles right on the palm of your hand!

All of them are neatly lined up, organized for you to start to feed your curiosity.

When I think about how I was watching them the old way, I see how much difference this service has brought in my life.

You don’t have to watch anymore what you are given to see.

Now, you can log on directly to a vast database in just a few clicks.

What is even better, you chose what to watch!

If you don’t like it, just flip on the next one.

This commodity is more than enough for me to be subscribed for life.

Or at least until someone comes up with something more revolutionary than CuriosityStream which I highly doubt it is going to happen shortly.

These guys have taken documentaries to a new age, to the age of the internet.

The whole idea is brilliant and with even better execution.

If interested, read the full review of the service over here.

Or join straight away over here.

If you like the idea of having a streaming service with which you can feed your curiosity, then join us on our quest for knowledge.

All the Best,



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